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A Winner's Behavior

You can always tell a winner by their behavior. Some will say that Winning is not the most crucial thing in the world. I won’t disagree; however, everyone wants to be known as one. Becoming a winner happens well before you actually become one. It starts with your attitude, which is then reflected in your behavior.

What exactly are the behaviors of a winner? Winners value your winning and what goes into winning. Winners value hard work and don’t rely on being given anything. They understand that you must not let anything stop you or keep you from winning. If the dirty work must be done, then that’s what must be done. If given an assignment, I will do whatever it takes to get my job done, and I’m not letting anyone else do it for me.

Let’s take this to the basketball court and how it relates to the game. If you’re asked to set screens, become the best screener ever to do it because that leads to winning. If you are asked to rebound, box your man out until the referee blows the whistle and tells you that’s enough! If there’s an opportunity to dive on the floor or get to a loose ball, no one gets to it before you do, so your team gains an extra possession. No matter the ask, you do it without complaint or hesitation because you understand the value of winning.

Winners don’t complain or explain why something didn’t get done. Winners hold themselves accountable and to the highest standards at all times. Winners celebrate the success of others around them. They appreciate their opportunities, make the most of everyone, and take pride in doing their job well. They know how to celebrate their success and the team's success. If they are required to make small or large sacrifices for the team's good, they do that with the understanding that without their contribution, the team doesn’t win!

Winners are great to be around if you like winning. You will think they are mean-spirited, selfish, or controversial if you don’t value winning the way that they do! Winners understand the big picture and will do whatever it takes to achieve the goal of winning.

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