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Competency is a major factor in your coach trusting you and having the respect of your teammates. Understanding what you are good at and how that fits into what the team needs is crucial. A competent player knows what to do in game situations that don’t require the coach to make a play call. For example: the point guard drives the ball to the hoop and

the help defender leaves his man to stop the ball. The competent player will create space or cut the back door. This a basic read that all coaches will expect a player to do and know by the time they enter high school but you see happen when you watch NBA games. You can learn how to become a competent player.

How to become a competent player?

1. Watch a lot of basketball

2. Play basketball with older and more experienced who

play good basketball

3. Study basketball

4. Ask questions the best students of the game are

always learning

5. Apply the information that your coaches give you.

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