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Is it more challenging to live up to our expectations or the expectations of others? Expectations can be tricky. If you can do extraordinary things, then you should do them. If you’re trying to excel in something outside your gifting, you should leave it alone.

I once heard someone that the dream is free but it will require a lot for you to fulfill it .

When you say you want something, you must understand that certain expectations are attached. I want to go to the NBA. Hmm! The expectation will be that all you can do is be in the gym 24/7. You must become one of the most disciplined people to ever walk the earth. You will be expected to miss out on some of the things that peers your age get to enjoy while you’re training or working out.

No one can have higher expectations for you than you. You are the pen that writes your story. Every day, you must hold to your expectations for yourself.

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