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Having the Fire

Basketball is not all about making shots or playing defense. A lot of times, it comes down to having to fire you. Fire, to me, is a mix of two things: desire and passion. These words are closely associated with how you love five for something.

If two players are playing and one player wants it more. They will usually win because they will do whatever it takes to win. They will give everything they have to gain extra possession for their team by diving on the floor or into the stands to make a play.

Passion puts steam in your engine every day to take on whatever challenges you might come up against. Your passion will get you out of bed on days you feel tired. Your passion will attract those who want to see you become all you can. Watching a passionate person brings so much life to those around them. It’s hard to stop someone with passion.

The passion and desire will ignite your fire to push through tiredness, obstacles, and whatever else comes your way! Keep it lit!

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