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How to stay in the game during COVID-19

The past 5 weeks has taken us all away from our traditional and routined lives. Depending on the perspective you take will determine if you come out better, the same, or worst once you’re able to move forward. Although you might feel restricted to be inside, you're not. The mind can take you anywhere you want to go. Where it takes you is up to you.

What are somethings that you can be doing to work on your game? Watch video of your past games. Video is a reliable source for truth. Film is never interested in our feelings, Therefore what you see is what you get. Film exposes your strengths as well as areas you need to improve. This is also where you should notice the Coaches instruction that are being delivered to you during your training or practices. We all enjoy watching our ESPN top plays but I want you to watch the whole story so you get better. Talk basketball! This is probably one of the most underutilized thing that help players get better.

Basketball is so much more than passing, dribbling, and shooting. Every player should have a strategy on how they’re going to play individual and team defense, how they’re going to play individual and team offense. Talking through the hundreds of different scenarios that take place during the course of the game will help improve your alertness. If you had a 2k scale for your game. Get on the phone or FaceTime a friend and get to analyzing the game.

Physical fitness training is another place. I once heard a story about how Allen Iverson would practice and then return back to the treadmill and run more. When you watched him play you’d notice that he rarely look fatigued while his opponents looked tired. Michael Jordan changed his physical body the year before he won his first NBA championship. The Detriot Pistons put a physical pounding on him for years. Jordan’s answered by spending more time in the weight room. Even if you don’t have a weights or fancy equipment to use. You have everything you need, We have been training every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3-3:45pm .

Champions are born during the off season!! Here are three things you can do this week to get better. 1. Watch game film of yourself. 2. Phone a friend or coach to talk about basketball. 3. Work on being physically fit for when it’s time to play. Getting Better is the ABP Way! Coach Tatum

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