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Every weekend you can hear parents screaming from the stands: "Shoot the ball, drive it to the basket, how did you miss that shot?" You will also see that player are unhappy that this happening and it’s their parents doing it.

In order to become successful at scoring, several factors need to come together. Number One - mentality. A scorer’s mentality is to put points on the board and to do it as frequently as possible. Number Two - confidence. Scorers are risk-takers and unafraid to take shots. When they catch the ball they think score, when they pass the ball they think score, when the shot goes up they think score, when the ball is rebounded they think score.

In most scenarios, we only think about scoring when a player has the ball in their hands. Steph Curry, for instance, is extremely lethal because he recognizes that defenses will try to break a player down. They try to take away a player's mentality, their confidence, and risk-taking - but it's important to remember that good players don't allow that to affect their ability to score.

The goal for our Saturday scoring clinics is to get players to understand all the different ways to score the basketball. The clinics are also designed to develop a scorer's mentality and to build the confidence to be an impactful player regardless of the role they are put in. Each week we will be breaking down ways to score the ball in different situations, spots on the floor, off the dribble, and catch.

Coach Tatum wants parents to get back to cheering for their children and seeing players walk onto the court with a scorer mentality. “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training”

See you at our Saturday scoring clinics!

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