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The Chip

What does it mean when someone has a chip on their shoulder? What happens if you have one or don’t? How does having a Chip help or hurt you as a player?

Having a chip on your shoulder means you play the game like you have something to prove to yourself or others. This chip can be noticed by everyone watching you. You can usually spot a chip by how hard someone plays or how much passion they display. This chip is sometimes created to push the player to go out to reach their fullest potential.

How is the chip created? Have you ever been an underdog, overlooked, or told that you can’t or won’t be able to do something? Maybe someone with fewer credentials or experience was moved to the front of the line without paying dues. All of these scenarios can lead to the creation of the chip. This fuel must be captured and used to push you to greatness.

Can having a Chip help or hurt you? I believe every player needs to develop a Chip. The chip's benefit is the drive it created to work harder and desire to be your best. When others quit, you won’t because you have something to prove. The negative side is that you can make your teammates your enemies and not be coachable if you're not careful. Having a Chip should lead to you being early for workouts and practice, staying late to get extra work, knowing the plays like the back of your hand, and understanding the team's and opponents' strengths and weaknesses.

Use the chip as motivation to bring out the best in yourself. Know how to forgive and not to forget!

Gabe Vinson is showing how hard he works for it

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