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What to Do When Things Don't Go Your Way

There will be times when you are doing everything you need to and things don’t go your way. You might have prepared by shooting hundreds of shots the day before the game and then going into the game and missing your first 5 shots. You are trying to make the right basketball play and the ball sails out of bounds and it’s a turnover for you. What do you do?

These are the moments when having a growth mindset is important. A growth mindset is how you think about challenges, mishaps, or failures. With a growth mindset, everything is about learning, improving, and becoming who you’re destined to be. It’s trusting the work you are putting in constantly. It’s taking the good and the bad and finding the lessons that will propel you forward.

When playing competitive sports it’s important to keep tools in your arsenal that you can use on the spot. Things like taking deep breaths to recenter yourself or positive self-talk to remind yourself of who you are. These are quick that you can practice to keep you going when things are not going your way.

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You said it Coach Tatum. It all starts with this principle - elite mindset. Top performers ALL have a growth mindset.

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