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Winning Because of You

With the high school basketball season quickly approaching, ask yourself this question: Will this team win with me or because of me? Let's break this idea further down.

Every coach or leader is responsible for assembling the best players they can in order to win. Just like going out to get a job, players must submit a resume and interview through tryouts. This preliminary evaluation of what you offer and what the coach needs to win will determine whether you get the opportunity or not.

Not everyone can be the player who shoots the ball in 15-20 games. However, if that is your role, then make sure you work on those shots every day. Most teams need role players: those who are committed to winning. These are the ones who have the biggest impact on winning and sometimes only receive praise and recognition from those who recognize what it takes to win.

Every team needs an energy source. There is someone from the moment they hit the floor everyone else energy and intensity pick up.

Every team needs a communicator. This person helps every one to get organized on offense and defense.

A defensive stopper is the one person on the team who gets the assignment of stopping the other team's best player.

The hustler is notorious for making winning plays. Extra rebounds, diving on the floor for loose balls, sprinting back on defense, and stripping the ball out of bounds to prevent an easy basket.

While these descriptions above won’t always be shown in the highlights, they do get you onto the floor, which gives you the opportunity to show more of what you can do. Remember, all it takes is one opportunity that opens the door for many more.

Are we winning with you or because of you? A lot of times kids are on sports teams for the sake of being on the team. Don’t let that be you. Find a way to be a reason why your team wins!

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