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Skilled players are players who can play in any basketball system or style of play. The key ingredient is fundamentals .

Eye hand coordination, proper posture, balance, stance, footwork, ball handling, shooting mechanics, muscle memory, etc. At every level of play the basics remain the same and players who may be from beginners to professional never lose focus of this.


We develop skills through developing good habits; we develop good habits by developing the right mindset; we develop the right mindset by developing the right beliefs – which is the way we develop basketball players. Basketball systems are connected with their coaches philosophies. Some coaches prefer creativity, some prefer set play, some prefer up tempo run and gun, and some prefer ball control. Each requires the player to be able adjust and play.


  • Creativity

Ball handling, dribble penetration, dribble handoffs, ball screens & moving without the ball

  • Up Tempo Play

Defensive rebounding, outlet passes, ball handling, filling lanes, attack moves & finishing at or above the rim

  • Set Play

Setting and using screens, reading the defense, shooting of the catch, scoring with 1-2 dribbles, getting open & playing out of triple threat

This training program is included in membership, but if you would like to register for specific training, please contact us. 

Tatum is a professional, very serious about his craft and his product. He diagnoses my daughter's basketball game and pays diligence to crafting workouts that meet her individual needs.

Coach Tatum is the ultimate professional. He is passionate about the game, he's extremely knowledgeable, patient and dedicated.

He trains my daughter for basketball, and I have noticed some tremendous gains; most notably in her ball handling skills, her court awareness, and in her overall skills development.

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