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Skilled players are players who can play in any basketball system or style of play. The key ingredient is fundamentals .

Eye hand coordination, proper posture, balance, stance, footwork, ball handling, shooting mechanics, muscle memory, etc. At every level of play the basics remain the same and players who may be from beginners to professionals never lose focus of this.

We develop skills through developing good habits; we develop good habits by developing the right mindset; we develop the right mindset by developing the right beliefs – which is the way we develop basketball players.



Someone who is new to  the game and needs to  learn the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting. This is typically  the case for players in their 1st or second year of basketball. Learn all fundamental and basic basketball-specific skills, establish building blocks for overall basketball skills.


This is recommended for players who have 2-4 years  of  playing experience, they can do the basics of shooting, ball handling, passing and are looking to compete and earn minutes for school or club teams. 



These players have mastered the basics, they are competing on  their school or  club  teams, they are in good physical  conditioning  and can handle the demands and expectations for becoming a collegiate basketball player. 

We have three available time schedule each session:

  • 5:30-6:30 PM

  • 6:30-7:30 PM

  • 7:30-8:30 PM


  • Creativity

Ball handling, dribble penetration, dribble handoffs, ball screens & moving without the ball

  • Up Tempo Play

Defensive rebounding, outlet passes, ball handling, filling lanes, attack moves & finishing at or above the rim

  • Set Play

Setting and using screens, reading the defense, shooting of the catch, scoring with 1-2 dribbles, getting open & playing out of triple threat

Interested in signing up for a skill assessment for your kid?

Register for only $25

  • 3x AAU National Champion

  • 2x Wisconsin High School Division 1 State Champion

  • Top 10 JUCO Point Guard

  • Point Guard at the University of Hawaii

  • Former College Coach at University of Hawaii and Concordia University of Wisconsin

Deonte Tatum is the visionary founder of Above and Beyond the Playground, a pioneering educational and athletic initiative catering to elementary, middle, high school, and early college students in Milwaukee, established in 2015. Inspired by keen observations of his home and community, coupled with a genuine concern for the welfare of young athletes, Tatum identified the crucial requirements for their holistic development. Drawing insights from personal experiences and a comprehensive assessment of peers, he formulated the core principles that underpin the mission of Above and Beyond the Playground. Tatum firmly believes that by empowering others, they, in turn, contribute positively to their community, creating a powerful ripple effect evident in the transformative impact on the lives of the young athletes served by his organization.



This training is for athletes to develop mental skills such as focus, confidence, resilience, and managing emotions. These skills can help athletes at all levels perform better under pressure, overcome obstacles, and manage stress.

We have two available time schedule:

  • 6:00-6:30 PM

  • 6:30-7:00 PM

This training program is included in membership, but if you would like to register for specific training, please contact us. 

The coaches did an excellent job communicating and demonstrating the drills and skills to our players. Coach Tatum has a wealth of knowledge and brings a high level of expertise to every workout. Coach is very easy to work with and fit our training times into his busy schedule. I would highly recommend Coach Tatum and his staff for any team or individual basketball training sessions.

Christopher Newbauer
Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Wauwatosa West High School

Coach Tatum provided individualized training plans for our small group that increased player confidence and skills. He was able to critique and find ways for players to improve their ball handling, shooting, and finishing in just a few weeks. The players in the small group trainings have begun using those skills in fall league games and practices.

Trisha Patton
Head Coach
Greendale High School

He trains my daughter for basketball, and I have noticed some tremendous gains; most notably in her ball handling skills, her court awareness, and in her overall skills development.

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