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Enthusiasm is contagious.

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

“Nothing great is ever achieved without Enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. So much of what we do and how far we go will be connected to how enthusiastically we pursue our dreams and goals. For student athletes this is especially true and challenging.

Student athletes have to live in a dual world that requires both time and commitment. You will discover that there will be classes that you can’t wait to show up for. These classes will captivate you to seek out more information and have you talking about the subject matter even when you’re not working on a class project. At same time you will be spending hours working to be at the top of your game. Your enthusiasm will need to be your fuel to endure the days when you feel tired or not in the mood.

My first AAU coach had so much enthusiasm he convinced me that this is the only way to play a game. Anytime we entered the gym it was like watching a kid playing at the Playground for the first time. He was always excited about watching his players have fun playing the game. Because of his enthusiasm he brought kids together from all over southeastern Wisconsin to become the best team in the country 4 times in 5 years. We were not always the most talented team but we sure were the most enthusiastic.

Enthusiasm allows for everyone to enjoy the ride from the starter to the role player. I often watch NBA games. It is amazing to me how the players on the bench celebrate the success of their teammates who are playing. Not because they’re ok with sitting but because they know that bringing energy and enthusiasm to the game will help the team.The best players in the world do this, I think you should too!

Remember enthusiasm is contagious! It’s hard to be sour around someone with enthusiasm. It’s like when the sun comes out in the morning and takes away the night. Enthusiasm can change the outcomes of games. When a team gets hot and they’re making defensive stops and hitting shots the other team feels that pressure. This is when you see the most high fives, chest bumps, fist bumps amongst teammates. This is also when you see the other team waddling in sorrow, bickering amongst themselves to the detriment of their team.

Play the game and live life as possed by a God. It’s far more enjoyable.

Be Enthused,

Coach Tatum

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