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  • What kind of commitment is ABP?
    Once you join ABP, there are certain expectations for each player. If you are part of a team, you must attend every practice, training session, game, etc. This is mandatory attendance, and the weekly schedule will be posted for players and parents to see.
  • What is the ABP Ecosystem?
    There are four parts to our ecosystem here at ABP: Academics is a core component of any successful program and is close to the staff at ABP because, throughout the course of many of their journeys, they witnessed individuals who had either a great desire or ability to play sports and were unable to do so because they came up short in the classroom. Our Ecosystem makes as many resources available as possible in the area of academics to eliminate the gap. Athletics will aim to continue the quality training that Student-Athletes see daily, provide educational opportunities in areas like injury prevention, improve and emphasize principles like sacrificing oneself for the team's greater good, and increase athlete exposure. Health & Wellness brings opportunities with activities such as yoga, hiking, meditation, deep breathing, nutrition, and more to improve the mind, body, and soul in a way conducive to the other components of our ecosystem. Community is an area of the ecosystem where student-athletes will be introduced to more opportunities to participate in initiatives and efforts while becoming leaders in mentoring programs and various volunteer opportunities.
  • What is the cost of a membership?
    Being a part of ABP costs $250 a month. This includes training sessions, practices, mental performance coaching, nutrition classes, and more. Accommodations can be made for each family depending on income and number of children participating. Please email the Communications Director to learn more
  • How does transportation work?
    Every player is responsible for thier own transportation. This includes games, training sessions, camps, etc.
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