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ABP "Above and Beyond the Playground" Athletics is a premier athletic program in Wisconsin that offers the best training, competition, and interpersonal experience that supports youth success.

We create hope and opportunity for student-athletes for life beyond the game. 


Our Mission is to collectively use our gifts, talents, effort, and love for the game, for the betterment of the ABP Athletics players and families we serve. 



  • 3x AAU National Champion

  • 2x Wisconsin High School Division 1 State Champion

  • Top 10 JUCO Point Guard

  • Point Guard at the University of Hawaii

  • Former College Coach at University of Hawaii and Concordia University of Wisconsin

Deonte Tatum is the visionary founder of Above and Beyond the Playground Athletics, a pioneering educational and athletic initiative catering to elementary, middle, high school, and early college students in Milwaukee, established in 2015. Inspired by keen observations of his home and community, coupled with a genuine concern for the welfare of young athletes, Tatum identified the crucial requirements for their holistic development. Drawing insights from personal experiences and a comprehensive assessment of peers, he formulated the core principles that underpin the mission of Above and Beyond the Playground. Tatum firmly believes that by empowering others, they, in turn, contribute positively to their community, creating a powerful ripple effect evident in the transformative impact on the lives of the young athletes served by his organization.

My basketball journey has taught me that opportunities come to those who earnestly seeking and those who are hungry and humble enough to do whatever they can to get better. Being talented can only get you so far. ABP Athletics is here to be the bridge for people/players to take them from where they are to where they want to be. I want to share all of my experiences, my passion, and love for the game to help people/players have success while they’re playing basketball and when they are away from it. Living and playing the game of life and the game basketball the right way is important to me.

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