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Coach Deonte Tatum is the visionary founder of Above and Beyond the Playground, a pioneering educational and athletic initiative catering to elementary, middle, high school, and early college students in Milwaukee, established in 2015. He firmly believes that by empowering others, they, in turn, contribute positively to their community, creating a powerful ripple effect evident in the transformative impact on the lives of the young athletes served by his organization.

Get better everyday! Live without Regrets! Nothing is impossible to him that believes!

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Coach Mikkal Merriweather has a passion for youth mentorship and basketball. At Heritage Christian High. School, he played varsity basketball, baseball, and soccer, and is currently attending Oral Roberts University. As a teacher, Coach Merriweather knows how to draw out a student's potential, and he is able to utilize that mentality toward motivating players on the court.

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path



From her pivotal role in leading the Langston University Lions to conference championship victory and a ticket to the NAIA National Tournament, to her standout high school basketball career marked by accolades and a state runner-up title, she's proven her prowess both on and off the court. Having recently graduated from Langston University with a degree in Psychology, she's set to embark on a journey of combining her love for sports and her academic pursuits, with plans to attain a doctorate in clinical psychology and establish her own practice in Sports Psychology.




Coach Mike is a dedicated coach from Waukesha, WI, who has spent the past five years leading his daughter's youth basketball team to victory, clinching the state title last year and securing runner-up positions in the 5th and 6th-grade tournaments. Known for his offensive prowess and skills-based approach to the game, he's also adept at assisting in shoot and technique camps.

Life is short, so love what you do



Coach Drew, a Milwaukee native hailing from the Sherman Park area, where his passion for basketball ignited. As a three-time varsity letterman, he honed his skills and leadership on the court. Transitioning to his college career, he made his mark at Burlington, Vermont, earning accolades as the top scorer and rebounder, receiving recognition as a first-team all-region player and NJCAA 2002 All American Honorable Mention before concluding his journey at Florida Atlantic University Men's Basketball from 2002 to 2006.

When you make a mistake. Acknowledge it. Learn from it. Correct it. Then move on! 



Introducing Coach Quincy, a Milwaukee native with roots in Riverside and the Milwaukee School of Languages. Hailing from 48th and Center, Quincy's journey reflects hard work and determination, transitioning from teaching and coaching Elementary & Middle school basketball at 53rd Street School to his current role with the US Postal Service.

Adversity builds character



Coach Tracy is a seasoned basketball player and coach with extensive experience in both JUCO and NAIA levels. With a remarkable 13 years of coaching, Coach Tracy has nurtured talent from grade school to AAU levels, notably guiding Lakeside Lady Scholars Travel AAU Girls Basketball to produce several Division 1 players during her four-year tenure.

Hard work and dedication pays off


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