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Our 3v3 Developmental League is tailor-made for young players from 1st Grade to 3rd Grade and 4th Grade to 8th Grade, with the primary goal of teaching them the fundamental skills of basketball in an enjoyable environment that fosters a genuine passion for the game. This league is specifically designed for newcomers or those with little experience, providing an excellent starting point for kids to not only grasp the game's basics but also develop a deep affection for basketball.

Each session spans an hour and encompasses a well-rounded approach, including skill development, guidance from one of our head coaches, and a 3-on-3 game where participants get to apply the skills they've acquired. Teams are organized based on elementary school, gender, and grade, ensuring a fair and balanced setup. To ensure equal playing time for each player, teams are generally made up of 6 individuals. In cases where there are either too many or too few individual registrations from one school, we'll combine players from different elementary schools.

Throughout the league, all teams will use a 27.5" ball, and the hoop height is adjusted to 8-foot goals to accommodate the young players' needs and abilities. By offering such a supportive and inclusive environment, we aim to instill a lasting love for basketball in these budding athletes.

  • We accept team and individual registrations.

  • Teams are gender- and grade-based, not age-based. No coed teams.

  • All players will receive a T-shirt.

  • Sessions are one-hour in length and include both instruction and competition.

  • Each session consists of warm-up/skill development time and a 3-on-3 game in which players have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned. Games consist of two 15-minute halves and a brief half time. The clock runs continuously, stopping about every 5 minutes for substitutions.

  • Ball size is 27.5

  • Games are played on Sundays of October and November // 2 games a day

BOYS 3v3​

Season Dates: Sundays of October


Season Dates: Sundays of October


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