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A Winner's Behavior pt. 2

Winners are in the pushing business. When you are in the company of someone who is determined to win, they are going to push themselves and those around them to levels that most people think are too much. You don’t have to ask them to give more, wake up early, or make changes to improve or get better. They will seek out the challenges and the people who will help them get the most out of them!

Winners prepare more and with greater detail than others do. Their separation becomes most evident when the game is on the line, and they need to be the ones to make the winning play. They are trusted because, in their preparation, those around them have witnessed the repeated work done. Watching a winner practice is like watching someone at war with themselves and everyone else around them. The motivation is to deliver and be ready for any and every situation that may arise.

Winners believe that they can always become better. They decide to do whatever it takes to be better. No job is too big or too small when it comes to winning. They are open to feedback from coaches that will improve their performance. You won’t find them complaining or pouting. They will find a way to get the job done!!

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