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3 things every basketball player must do to earn playing time.

Often times players feel entitled to play just because they’re on the team. Being on a team or making the should only be the start. Your goal should be to be so good that the coach never wants to take you out of the game. This means you should be developing your defensive and offensive skills, understanding team concepts and being coachable. If you put the right time and energy into this you will put yourself in a position to play.

Compete! It’s hard to beat out someone who is willing to lay it on the line every second they’re on the floor. This is recognized by your coaches in practice and when they watch film. Playing hard is a skill just like shooting or passing. It takes a consistent focus and drive to show up everyday to compete. Good coaches know they can win with competitors. Your coaches or teammates should never have to question your competitiveness.

Be a great teammate! Being a great teammate is about bringing what you do well to the team and leaving it all out on the floor. I believe players who do this gets the most out themselves and others around them. When you bring this mindset it shows that you’re not selfish, it shows that you’re willing to do whatever you can to help the team win. When you know you’re giving a 100% you will be able to enjoy the successes of others around you. Your teammates will enjoy being around you because they respect how you approach the game.

All three of these things are what you can control as player. We lose control when we start looking at others or blaming others for things we have not done enough of. So be sure do what you must to earn the right to play!

Nothing is giving, everything must be earned! Coach Tatum

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