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Another Great Weekend!

Another good weekend for ABP. We saw our girls team in action for the first time and they were very impressive. They went 4-0 and got stronger as the the weekend went on. What I love about this group is their dedication, commitment, togetherness and

competitive spirit. You know when they take the floor for training, practices or games, you are going to get their best. All weekend the shared the ball, cheered for one another and picked each other when they fell down. Teamwork makes the dream as they say.

The 14u boys got their first action as well. Going 1-2, they showed that with more consistency and time, they have what it takes to compete. The last game of the weekend for them went into overtime. We had several players make big plays to send the game into OT. The loss left us wanting more and I’m sure they will be ready to get back to ABP and get back to work!

The U12 boys will definitely be fun to follow. This

the team has so much upside it’s unbelievable. The 0-3 weekend doesn’t tell the story of how hard they worked and the passion and enthusiasm that they played with. You can see the potential oozing from this group. All they need now is more time together and continuing to learn THE ABP WAY and they are going to be just fine.

We will keep Building and Growing together!

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