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Be Hungry

One place you don’t want to be is between a starving animal and its food. Why? Because they don’t know when their next meal is coming. When they have their opportunity they are hyper-locked in and focused on the assignment. Eat or starve!!

In today's games, it’s more important to be hungry than good. Most players sit around all day talking about what they want to do and how good they are. Very few will get to the gym early, and train at an elite level at an intensity that can potentially set them apart. Coaches and teammates want to know who they are going to battle with when they step out on the floor. A hungry mentality will grab the attention of everyone in the gym very quickly.

A hunger mentality is a competitive mindset that thrives in environments where playing at your best is the only option. So train every day like it’s your last. Push yourself to get that extra reps when you're tired. Do whatever it takes to get the job done and leave with the win. Bringing that positive contagious energy that infects everyone around you to not be satisfied until you eat.

Are you hungry? If so, let’s eat.

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