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No Excuses

What is an excuse? An excuse is a vice used to cover up shortcomings, lead us to get things done, and take away from taking accountability. During my Senior year at Vincent High School, we were on our quest to repeat as State Champions. We had lost some great seniors and a sensational junior who had a major on us winning the championship the previous year. Everyone had predicted we would fail, and the ship was about to sink. However, our theme became No Excuses for the year. This attitude helped us win back-to-back state championships, and I believe it will help you win at whatever it’s that you’re pursuing!

No pointing the finger or blaming others. No, not doing your job or being where you need to be! No errors in the classroom or getting in trouble. It’s all about the mission. Not saying that you will get it done tomorrow when you have today to do it.

When you decide to get something done, don’t let anything or anyone get in your way, and that includes you. Once you start to make excuses, it’ll become endless, and you'll wake up with regret and should of could of would of’s.

Be the person who takes ownership of the good and the bad. Failures and shortcomings are opportunities for improvement, not your final destination! Don’t make excuses!!

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