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Get the Most Out of What You Have

Sometimes, you will be told that you need more than what you have. As basketball players, this can be destructive commentary because they don’t know what you have on the inside. What matters is your vision of yourself and what you are willing to do to make it materialize.

I believe that everything you need is on the inside of you! You must do the unseen work, which is the hard work that produces the fruit of your labor. Your passion, commitment, and willingness to seek improvement over outcomes are the compass you need to follow to get the most out of you.

During this time, you have to be patient with yourself. Sometimes, seeds take the right environment, nutrients, and water to break through the earth before they’re even seen or noticed. When they’re revealed, you won’t have to worry about being recognized or seen again.

There’s a saying that says the work will speak for itself. When you are focused on getting the most out of yourself every day, you will see improvement. This will keep you from looking at what others have or are doing. You will soon be there!!

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