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Character is who you are in your most challenging, pressured-filled times or when no one is looking. Everyone has character - good or bad. It’s built and revealed by habits and choices we make in our daily lives.

As people who play basketball, how we treat the game of basketball reveals how we treat life. For instance, the coach says to touch the lines while running sprints. However, when the coach is not looking you don’t. Later on that day, you have a paper that’s due and it’s required for it to be 500 words and you right 499. So not doing something to the best of your ability will show up in other areas of your life.

Challenges are opportunities and pressure is a privilege. Most often these are the two situations we’re placed in to see if we are ready for the level we think we should be or if we need to go back to to keep working. These moments are not meant to shatter or cause you to quit. They come to assist in your character development and to show you where you are and how you have room to get better. So use these opportunities to assess your skills and abilities and develop your perseverance, diligence, and how hard of a worker you are.

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