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Why has the phrase defense wins championships become so popular? Because it’s true. 25 out of the last 40 NBA champs have been a top 5 defensive team in the NBA. In other years, the champs finished in the top 11 in their defensive rating.

In high school, Coach Tatum played for the Hall of Fame Coach Tom Diener. Coach Diener didn’t allow players on the floor who couldn’t stop their man from scoring or make the extra effort to help their teammate. Coach Tatum's teams at Vincent High School only allowed 44 points per game. He won two state championships because they were so good defensively.

Defense comes down to pride and hard work. There are so many skills that have to be trained for someone to become a good defender.

1. Being in a good stance

2. Staying in front of an offensive player

3. Taking good angles

4. Seeing man and ball

5. Help defense

6. Jumping to the ball

7. Bumping the cutter

These are just a few skills that good defensive players instinctively utilize in crucial game scenarios.

Every year in the NBA, every team is always looking for a defensive stopper. Why? Because they know how important it is to slow down the great players in the NBA. Similarly, every high school, AAU, and college team is looking for the same.

If you want to play and play a lot become a defender, sign up for our defensive clinics on Saturdays. Become a player that can't be taken out of the game.

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