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Earn Everything

Do you get upset when something is not given to you? If so, you are probably going to struggle, blame others for what you don’t have or didn’t get, and become a complainer who drives the thing you want further away from you.

If you didn’t earn it, why should it be given to you? I believe that you earn everything that you get by putting the work in that’s necessary for you to get it. Earning it means you lifted the weights. You put up the 500 shots a day, you walked to the gym when your parents couldn’t take you. When it’s time to compete you raise your intensity to an elite level. You execute when your number is called.

Earning what we get brings about pride and appreciation for what we have. When things are given to us we often treat them like trash and throw them away. The moral of this story stop asking for things that you didn’t earn and treasure the things that you do earn.

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It's easy to lose what's given and hard to take what's earned.

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