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How To Build Trust

Trust is such an important part of playing the game of basketball. The saying goes trust isn’t given, it’s earned. Trust: firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. As human beings, we must often believe that which we see.

Coaches and players are going to do the same thing.

If you play hard and compete every day in practice, coaches and teammates know that you will do it in the games. Staying in the gym and becoming a consistent shooter, ball handler, and player shows. Coaches for sure want to win and understand they need players who are skilled and competent to do so.

Your teammates are always watching you. You have to convince them every day that you should be playing in front of them or with them. If you are taking shots you can’t make, playing out of control, or not making the right basketball play when it’s needed they are not going to want to play with and complain about you. You have to bring it every day.

Where and how do we earn the trust of our teammates and coaches?

• Practices

• Training

• Weightroom

• Conditioning

• Filmroom

• Classroom

• Community

The games come last after you earn the right to be out there.

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