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How does pressure help us? Our previous blogs on character discussed how pressure helps build character. It can be hard to feel the pressure of getting good grades, leading your team to a championship, or just making your parents and family proud. These external forces help you achieve what’s already inside you, and sometimes, the only way to get your gifts and talents to come out is to apply pressure.


Basketball is a great place to see how pressure impacts players' performance. When a full-court pressing team presses a team that doesn’t handle pressure well, you see them throwing the ball away and making mistakes they wouldn’t ordinarily make in a peaceful environment.


The purpose of pressure is to make you uncomfortable, and for you to get up and do something about whatever it is, that’s keeping you from reaching your goals or dreams. When we learn to see pressure as a way for us to grow and become more, we can learn that it is a privilege given to us to push ourselves and boundaries we didn’t think we could.


Use the pressure to get things done. Use the pressure to stay in the gym longer to know you are prepared for when the pressure is at its highest. You will pass the test because you have learned how to use it!

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