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The Process

he Philadelphia 76ers Center Joel Embid has become synonymous with the phrase “The Process”. By definition, process means a series of actions or steps taken to achieve a particular end. The remarkable thing about this is that everyone can have a different timetable or starting position.

The Process for me is about three things.

1. Where do you want to end up?

2. How and what do you plan on doing to get there?

3. Your commitment to see it through despite the obstacles you face along the way.

When you have taken the time to think about these questions you can begin to formulate your action steps and make plans to execute them. As a basketball player, this is important because it assists us in prioritizing our time, and keeps us focused on what it will be like when reach our destination.

Being process-driven allows you to take risks. Learn what’s working/not working and why so you can keep improving. Les Brown says “Practice makes improvement!“ I love this because we are all working hard to better every day.

Enjoy your process! Fall in love with your process!

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