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How to Become a DAWG

Having a DAWG mentality is about you pursuing your purpose. There are going to be all kinds of things that get in your way to try to stop you. You can’t let it.

Determined players refuse to quit or give up on something they believe in. Knowing the reason why you do something plays an important role in you staying determined to succeed. It’ll wake you up morning, and keep you from complaining during difficult moments. Your why is the fuel to keep you going!

Assertiveness is about you taking action. Action toward the things that matter to you the most. It’s with conviction that you tell people who you are and why you believe strongly in what you do. When they see you move like this, they will say you are crazy, but they won’t stand in your way because they will see you in action.

Workaholics are people who know they are the best but work like crazy to be better every day. They have this chip on their shoulder to build on strengths and make people forget about their weaknesses. They want to be in the places that make them the most happy. In our case, it’s the gym. They know that with consistent, and steady improvement they will overcome.

Go Getters. This kind of spirit is what makes things happen. These people are finding solutions to problems. They’re hustlers, they are scrappy and grinders. They get up every day intending to get things done.

Become a DAWG

  1. Make your mind up about what you want

  2. Write it down

  1. Take an internal assessment of your skills

  2. Is this connected to your passion

  3. Be ready to let go of the frivolous things in your life

  4. Find a community or network of people who are Dawgs themselves

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