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Trust In The Work

In the Work we trust! When you’re doing the right work every day and building the right habits you must trust it. Sometimes we are hesitant to do the things we are working on because we are uncertain. Uncertainty is just a thought. The same as believing that what you are working on works.

In college, I started working with my first player development coach Tony Sales. He had me doing things and pushing me to attempt new things that I'd never done. Every night when we finished I knew I didn’t do all the drills or new skills like I wanted. The next morning I went back to the gym to do the same workout again because I wanted him to know that I wanted to become good. By the next we met to train I had the confidence to do what he taught me.

A few weeks later I was doing those things he taught me during games and finding success.

Because I was doing those things religiously the new skill became a part of me and I was no longer thinking about the skills I was just doing them.

You have to work to become better. You have to stay focused on the journey! You have to trust your work!

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